How it works – One Little Bunch

How it works

One Little Bunch (OLB) - designs a cute bouquet of pretty fresh cut flowers,
posts it on Instagram, Facebook and sends an email to our subscribers every Monday for delivery on Monday,  Tuesday for delivery on Wednesday, and every Thursday for delivery on Friday.

YOU - see the bouquet, like it and order one for your special person (or yourself, hey why not?)  You make sure you order it before 12 midday or before they sell out, for delivery the same day.  

OLB - makes up a bunch of identical pretty little bunches, and delivers them to a bunch of special people before 5pm that day.

YOU - get that fuzzy feeling inside for making someone's day. (or making your own day)

OLB - also gets that fuzzy feeling and starts it all over again.  :)

Love your buds

Flowers need water, we pack our flowers in waterproof bags (no leaks here, these bags are goldfish proof!) so they stay hydrated until you get them into your vase/mason jar/jug/pitcher.  The fun thing about the cone and hole design is that we can hang them on your doorknob, mailbox hook or coat hook if you're not home and they will be totally happy to hang out until you get to them.  Make sure to use the flower food sachet when you transfer them to a vase.

A few tips!

Flowers love:

  • cool temps
  • a little snip on the ends when they get home (make sure it's angled for maximum drinking)
  • fresh water every few days (don't let it get too cloudy).

Flowers do not love:

  • direct sunlight
  • fruit bowls - keep them away, bananas and apples especially produce high levels of ethylene which cause flowers to age faster
  • drafts
  • windowsills
  • lamps
  • dead leaves in the water - if you see dead leaves, change the water immediately, as they will rot in the water are toxic to your stems.