About – One Little Bunch


Hi there!  I'm Larina, an Aussie living in Portland.  I've been living here since 2016 and I am loving the Pacific Northwest and it's people. 

Something else I love is FLOWERS!

I love having fresh flowers at home, and I love it even more when I receive flowers. (on those very rare occasions! Right?) 

I'm also a big fan of traditions, and while reading up on some fun but fading American traditions, I came across the May Day tradition.

People used to gather fresh cut flowers from their gardens (and sometimes little treats) and hang them in paper baskets on their neighbors front doors. It was a gesture of respect, friendliness, a way of welcoming in the warm weather and in some cases, a gesture of love.

I love this idea.  So I created my own style of "basket" filled with fresh flowers.

I create one style of bouquet every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, pop them in the baskets and deliver them to the Portland metro area, for just $35.

The gesture of sending flowers is simple and easy with One Little Bunch.  

Sometimes it's the little things that make such a difference. xo